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Eating Disorders Program

Treatment options inc referrals

Inpatient Program  

We have an 8 bed inpatient unit.  Restoring medical stability and gaining insight into the complexities of the illness are among the goals of a stay on the inpatient unit.

Two streams of treatment exist, each of which is tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient.

 Stream A

Stream A aims to restore normal eating and return the patient to  normal body weight. Stream A is appropriate for:

  • First admission or early in the course of the illness
  • A more chronic patient with increased insight and a strong motivation for change

Stream B

Stream B is appropriate for patients with a long-term illness and a history of multiple admissions  without achieving full recovery.  The illness is debilitating and compromising health and function. The aim is not complete restoration of normal weight but rather to improve quality of life for the patient with a minimum of disruption to life.

Admission to the Inpatient Program is indicated by the following:

  • diagnosis of anorexia, bulimia or other Eating Disorders variants
  • the patient has not responded to outpatient or day patient treatment
  • severe psychopathology and other mental health problems/issues
  • medical instability
  • inadequate social supports

Day Program   (DPP)

The DPP is beneficial for those requiring more support and treatment than can be obtained through outpatient or community care. The DPP can be useful as a transition between an inpatient stay and home.

A dynamic, wide ranging timetable of therapeutic groups offer plenty of opportunities to practice confronting unhelpful behavioural patterns and beliefs. These include:

* Behavioural Therapy

* Psycho education

* Family Therapy

* Body Image

* Mindfulness Practice

* Art Therapy

* Nutrition Groups

* Goal setting

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

* Awareness Groups

* Group Mentoring from past patients

The aims of the day program are:

  • to normalise eating behaviour and attitudes
  • to restore weight to within the individual's healthy weight range
  • to resolve issues associated with the development of an eating disorder
  • to work towards acceptance of a healthy body size and shape
  • to facilitate psycho-social maturation

 The DPP runs Monday to Friday during school hours over a 10 week period which includes a two week part time component.

Outpatient Clinic
The outpatient service provides treatment and support for patients newly referred to the service, as well as those that have accessed it over a period of time. Consultant psychiatrists, a psychiatry registrar and dietitian see patients for regular sessions.

Depending upon the patient's physical and psychological health, they may remain an outpatient of the Eating Disorders Program, require more intensive treatment by joining the Day Program or be admitted for an inpatient stay. The service aims to have patients linked up to private therapists and GPs for ongoing care.

Outpatient support groups for carers of current clients are available on a monthly basis.  Body image groups for current clients are held on a weekly basis.

Regions Serviced
The Royal Melbourne Hospital Eating Disorders Program accepts Referrals from the western metropolitan area, as well as the Loddon Mallee and Barwon South West regions.



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