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 Inner West Alliance

Introduction to the Inner West Alliance Partners

The Alliance partnership between Inner West mental health and psychiatric disability rehabilitation and support services, formed in mid 2006, comprises six partners:

  • Inner West Area Mental Health Services - The Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • Doutta Galla Community Health Service
  • North Yarra Community Health
  • Regina Coeli Community
  • Salvation Army - Adult Services
  • St. Vincent De Paul - ACCS

The aim of the partnership is to bring together a number of different services within the clinical mental health and Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support (PDRS) service sectors to form a cohesive recovery and rehabilitation service system (including continuity of care) for adult consumers with a serious and enduring mental illness and associated psychiatric disability (the target consumer group).

Inner West Alliance Newsletter (2008)
Provides a brief overview of the project's aims, a few of the past achievement and some of the current activities. An easy and light read for those wanting a quick summary of what we're about.

Inner West Alliance Orientation Pamphlet (2009)
This information booklet includes details of where and when orientations are held for new staff, how to RSVP, and provides a brief overview of services offered. Contact details and links to further details are included so that when you need more information there’s a place to find it.  All new and existing staff of any of the partner organsiations are welcome to attend orientation sessions. The sessions are also open to staff in related services upon request.

Inner West Alliance Annual Report (2008)
This report provides a details overview of all of the activities that have conducted within the Inner West Alliance to date. Included is some interesting research on the levels of communication and collaboration between partners before the project started. There's also a detailed action plan to show our goals for the future.

Waratah Mental Health Education Series (2009)
Every month the Inner West PMHT and its partners run a lunch-time interactive educational forum to provide training and opportunities for staff from partnership organisations to get together.  All staff from the Inner West Alliance partners are warmly encouraged to participate in the series.  The forums also provide an opportunity for staff to give valuable feedback on new initiatives we're piloting, and to tell us what's working and what's not.

For more information about the Inner West Alliance, its activities and members, please contact.

Fareen Walji
Clinical and PDRSS Alliance Project Officer - IWAMHS- The RMH

2nd Floor, 641 Mount Alexander Road
Moonee Ponds 3039
Ph:      (03) 9377 3400
Fax:     (03) 9375 7211
Mobile: 0413 878 636

Email: fareen.walji@mh.org.au





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